Broadcast to the world with DreamStream - the new multi-camera live streaming studio.

Great for online live shows, seminars, conferences, virtual summits and more.

Run your webinars with your PowerPoint or videos behind you like a real seminar

"I really liked the idea of seeing the instructor, rather than just hearing them and looking at slides. It helps greatly to keep up with the course without zoning out." K. H.

"This is the most creative form I have seen so far for online training. I’m very impressed by the use of green screen and integration of the instructor’s image, slides, white board, and sample demonstration." W. R.

"Thanks again for the overall course and sharing your very broad expertise and experience.  You are a real asset.  I think your online training format and delivery are second to none.  Kudos!" S. G.

Run your own TV-style live or recorded show

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